Button Mashers

Created by
Christopher Wade

    If creating a video game is tough, who knew reviewing them would be tougher? Recently-fired as stand-in mascots for a video game developer, AJ the Raccoon and his hyper-active, ritalin-lacking best friend Needles set out to slander every video game they come across in their online video reviews!

    But the reviews quickly take on a life of their own thanks to their idiotic shenanigans and these two roomates will find themselves fighting badass gods of war, saving slutty mushroom princesses, even pissing off over-hyped catapulting birds, all to tell you whether a game sucks or not! Forget everything you know about video games, because your opinions don't matter... unless you're reviewing them!


  1. This series has got a lot of potential to be something really funny and worth sharing with people. I'd definitely invest in this, myself!

    1. Thanks Cortez! Hopefully we can bring it back really soon!


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