Monday, December 2, 2013

Is it December Already?

   Holy crap, it IS December! This year has gone by so fast and so much has happened since the beginning of this year. We've begun production on PCPai, released 
Elements of Light on a regular basis and laid down some groundwork for Peter & Company. Certainly alot more than what we put out last year. Thanks for sticking around with us, even though I missed last week's update.

Kuki Krumbles, more troublemaker than self-proclaimed best friend.
Sometime back I think I teased Kuki Krumbles (above) and Aggie Magnus below. I definitely wanted to toy around with a possible villain with some healthy nods to the older Sailor Moon franchise with the other female characters that'll show up in PCPai. However, I also wanted to do something a little different than simply having rival sorcerers stand in our heroes' path so I made Kuki and Aggie more like family to start things off.

While Pai may be about the weakest witch around, Kuki does her best to look out for her though starting out only slightly more experienced. Aggie herself stands as among the most powerful youths in the city of Hocus Pocus Heights. Of course Kuki doesn't exactly look the description of being slightly above par does she? So far, she's one of the characters Im having the most fun writing.

Aggie Magnus, the newest magical prodigy.

That's not to say I dont enjoy writing Aggie either. Surprisingly enough, I came up with the idea of her name overhearing my coworkers chatting about witch titles awhile back. 

Lady Miasma, Pai's Grandmother runs a household of young, orphaned witches and Aggie was the first to be taken in by the wise old sorceress. As such, Aggie has not only learned the newer, more peaceful ways of learning magics but also the older, more violent methods of magical conjuring, thanks to her studies with Pai's mother, Anima. I have a few storylines in mind for her already and once hers and Kuki's designs are a bit more solidified, she's sure to be among the more important characters in the series.

Speaking of villains, Vaporotem has given us a very strong redesign of our villain for our upcoming short film. I mean, LOOKATHIM! The Craven-King returns a bit more streamlined but much more lively than before. 

I know alot of people are watching Kill la Kill at the moment (rightly so since it's fun and Studio Trigger just rocks all over the place). But The Legend of Legendary Heroes (currently streaming on Netflix) was surprising to say the least. It's a bit heavy-handed (though to be fair, a lot of fantasy-based anime are) and not everything about this show sticks, but there are a lot of fine points I've come to respect.

The story focuses on two characters actually. The first Ryner Lute (Mr. Brown Hair up there), a powerful mage cursed with a set of eyes that allow him to not only decipher most magics in his unwilling journey serving his kingdom but also grant him a highly feared (though kinda cliched) berserker mode. Ryner himself has a couple of cool moments mostly because of his modern personality which constrasts the more proper, medieval-speaking cast. Though he starts out as a lethargic do-nothing who doesnt lift a finger to help his friends until later, he does grow to become a likeable, more-grounded protagonist. Then, there's Sion, the white-hairded pretty-boy above.

 I won't reveal much here about Sion and surely he doesn't ooze the laid-back charm that Ryner does. However, the struggles he endures as the King of Roland slowly take hold of his soft-spoken yet noble ideals, forcing him to become a weaver of destruction in his own right. It's not the most original device to turn a protagonist into an antagonist of sorts
(see Code Geass) but this show pulls it off very subtly and effectively. It's a tad haunting really since Sion's change is actually very well-intended for his own people, in some way fooling the audience using gleams of stained glass whenever Sion himself is met with a life-or-death decision which would influence the progression of his kingdom. 

I gotta hand it to the creator Takaya Kagami and anime director Itsuro Kawasaki for this nice little gem. Can't get those incantations out of my head now: "I offer up this contract, to unleash the magic beast of light which dances through the skies!"

"What I seek is thunder! EAT YO PEAS!!"

~ Christopher Wade
Founder/Creative Director


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