Monday, November 11, 2013


You didn't see anything.....
    It's a secret! Pay no attention to the man behind the thinga-ma-bob.... to the man in the corner.... or.... ugh. Okay, Ill be honest. I didn't exactly retain the The Wizard of Oz. Probably because I was too busy watching this... or f--king THIS. Personally I found those versions to be a lot more colorful, cohesive and dammit, more entertaining than the original, as classic as it was. However, among the three, I remember how awestruck I was by the production and atmosphere by the Return to Oz. As I work through PCPAI tonight, I might just cut it on. It was probably one of the first films I fondly remember watching as a kid.. yknow, besides all the Don Bluth stuff I found myself watching-WOW, I am way off topic here!

As you can see, Button Mashers seems to be making a comeback. Keep an eye out because we (may or may not) have a lot in store for you all. I was aiming to have a site of some kind ready tonight but other obligations kept that from happening. Wish I could make one of those cool Square-Enix countdowns. Anyway, we hope you all are enjoying  
Elements of Light so far. It's been quite the ride as Aydan and Monroe strut their stuff in our anime-themed webcomic. 

I think by far this has been my favorite page

 By all means, check it out if you haven't yet. I'm not talking like it's the end here either. We've hit deep pockets of emptiness before, we know, but Tyrone, myself and a number of other artists (the Banerjee Bros. in particular) have been hitting a nice little stride so far. We don't intend to stop anytime soon, even if I might miss a post here and there ;)

Speaking of anime, one series that has caught my eye has been Monty Oum's RWBY. I've finally been able to catch it. It's surprisingly well-crafted in the dialogue department and even though the 3D-character models can be stiff sometimes, the staging for characters, the fight-scenes and the plot-developments are very imaginative, even if paying homage to anime. I think it's cool Western creators are taking a stronger look at anime (much like the Airbender series) and RWBY is no exception. The world and fight-dynamics are incredibly fun especially in regards to certain characters like Nora and the growth of side characters like Blake and Jaune have been particularly note-worthy. If for nothing else, watch it for the fight-scenes but that's not the only thing this show has going for it.

Let's see, what else? I think that's it on my end today. I have two other film-related projects I've been helping out with recently. I hope you all are excited about the PS4!

Christopher Wade
Founder/Creative Director


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