Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

         It has been a little while since I've posted a nice substantial update. With some changes going on with some our internal properties, (which should be detailed sooner than later by Tyrone) today I decided to post some early PCPai designs I had in mind for an eventual series which will later go on it's main page.

Pai's mother "Anima", codenamed Cespool at the time.

I remember toying around with a few early concepts for our young witch hero, Pai Hex-Haggle and her family. I did like the idea of how she would have wicked step-sisters that would torture and demean her because she could not control magic but I knew from jump it'd be cliche. I fiddled around with their dynamics a bit more, taking some elements from my own upbringing and giving Pai a parent with anger issues and a overly-mothering grandparent as a counterbalance. 

In her early stages, Anima (above) had hands and feet that she could transform into any sort of animal/plant life she wanted, earning her the nickname "Were-Witch". These powers however, only had implications in action-scenes so later I began thinking of some practical uses for them, rather than just "MY HAND IS NOW A GIANT COYOTE CLAW! BUSTER-WOLF!!" So yeah, she'll be going through a bit more changes. Anima's disgruntled demeanor towards Pai (her daughter) still remains and her attitude/worldview are the prime reasons Pai takes off on her own in the short film in the first place. In her day, Anima was widely disputed as the most powerful Sorceress so imagine her frustrations when she realized her own daughter was unable to conjure anything without assistance. Other misfortunes occurred way back when that has stripped her of rank and public respect but I'll reveal those details another day.

Miasma, also known as "The Magical Happiness Grandma"

    Miasma was directly inspired off my own Grandmothers and is Pai's biggest fan. Miasma's early design is a little more sneering and disappointing than I currently have in mind for her character but where Anima puts Pai down, Miasma takes out the time to lift her granddaughter up. She actually has spent much of her life strengthening her community and now runs a home taking care of five other children that technically are not hers by blood. She can be absurd, senile and even tenacious, especially in her unorthodox methods of creating magics and spells, breeding insects as magical energy conduits. Miasma is incredibly spiritual and believes strongly in a "higher power" and that everything exists to replace and improve upon "what has been put before us". She's not pleased with the verbal and somewhat physical abuse her daughter Anima bestows on Pai from time to time and does her best to correct it. Though it mostly falls on deaf ears, Miasma takes great pride in Pai not for her magical prowess but for her own strength of character.

I think next week, Ill post some images of the more anticipated Kuki Krumbles and Aggie Magnus. Until then, back to the animatic of PCPAI. Ill just leave this here since I've just NOW started listening to NightWish. This is how late I am to the Internet. 

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Bee and Puppycat for making it's Kickstarter goal! 

-- Christopher Wade
Founder/Creative Director

Monday, November 11, 2013


You didn't see anything.....
    It's a secret! Pay no attention to the man behind the thinga-ma-bob.... to the man in the corner.... or.... ugh. Okay, Ill be honest. I didn't exactly retain the The Wizard of Oz. Probably because I was too busy watching this... or f--king THIS. Personally I found those versions to be a lot more colorful, cohesive and dammit, more entertaining than the original, as classic as it was. However, among the three, I remember how awestruck I was by the production and atmosphere by the Return to Oz. As I work through PCPAI tonight, I might just cut it on. It was probably one of the first films I fondly remember watching as a kid.. yknow, besides all the Don Bluth stuff I found myself watching-WOW, I am way off topic here!

As you can see, Button Mashers seems to be making a comeback. Keep an eye out because we (may or may not) have a lot in store for you all. I was aiming to have a site of some kind ready tonight but other obligations kept that from happening. Wish I could make one of those cool Square-Enix countdowns. Anyway, we hope you all are enjoying  
Elements of Light so far. It's been quite the ride as Aydan and Monroe strut their stuff in our anime-themed webcomic. 

I think by far this has been my favorite page

 By all means, check it out if you haven't yet. I'm not talking like it's the end here either. We've hit deep pockets of emptiness before, we know, but Tyrone, myself and a number of other artists (the Banerjee Bros. in particular) have been hitting a nice little stride so far. We don't intend to stop anytime soon, even if I might miss a post here and there ;)

Speaking of anime, one series that has caught my eye has been Monty Oum's RWBY. I've finally been able to catch it. It's surprisingly well-crafted in the dialogue department and even though the 3D-character models can be stiff sometimes, the staging for characters, the fight-scenes and the plot-developments are very imaginative, even if paying homage to anime. I think it's cool Western creators are taking a stronger look at anime (much like the Airbender series) and RWBY is no exception. The world and fight-dynamics are incredibly fun especially in regards to certain characters like Nora and the growth of side characters like Blake and Jaune have been particularly note-worthy. If for nothing else, watch it for the fight-scenes but that's not the only thing this show has going for it.

Let's see, what else? I think that's it on my end today. I have two other film-related projects I've been helping out with recently. I hope you all are excited about the PS4!

Christopher Wade
Founder/Creative Director


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Teeny Tiny Living Space

As luck would have it, on the day that I wanted to tease a new website that is coming out soon, we lose access to our internet. Via my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 im making this small update keep you all informed.

Don't worry, nothing is terribly wrong. I myself had a very hefty and hardworking weekend helping my girlfriend Serena move to move to another city. Also I've been looking for a 3rd roommate to move in with Tyrone and I soon.

As you might guess, I'm a little exhausted still and since I've been requested to help out with an additional short film for a friend (more details on that coming soon), my time has been cut short these past couple of days . However Tyrone and I will still push to get this week's Elements of Light comic out on Friday for you all to see. Again sorry for the delay, please be patient as we work with our technical difficulties. Thanks.

- Christopher Wade
Founder / Creative Director

Ive Got Some Explaining To Do

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