Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Substitute Teacher

Well, since Christopher is busy working to bring everyone magical awesomeness, I (Tyrone) get to step in and do this weeks update! *Insert evil laugh* HaHAhaHahAHAHahA {hack cough} Ahem...

As I completely make up this update on a whim, here's some random Spark-Flow information that I hope you care about.

Pumpk & Cham and Pai is progressing beautifully! I know, not as fast as you'd like, but progressing nonetheless. So much so that some storyboard animatics of scenes are already completed. Can you see it? NO! Sorry, that was mean. But what you can see are some art of the new scenes we'll be using for the film! Here you see the magnificent art of Monster Mash Mountain and it's city:

In other irrelevant, corresponding news, Elements Of Light is continuing it's weekly update every Friday. But because you stayed up all day and night waiting for this, here's an awesome preview of this week's page. We posted the pencils on Tumblr, but you guys the the newest update. Wanna stay up to date on EOL? Do it HERE!

Last, but not least:
For all of our fellow creators out there, one of our favorite local film festivals (it's probably our favorite because I'm the co-director...but I'm not biased at all) announced today that their submissions are officially open for screenings in 2014! To submit your film, I direct you to 
Soul 4 Reel Film Festival. This was the promo video from 2013.

I hope class wasn't too boring with substitute teacher! Maybe I should do this more often....anywho, have an awesome week everyone!

- Tyrone
Associate Producer/Creative Director

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