Wednesday, October 23, 2013

All the Single Ladies and a Zombie

"If you click the image, the text will get big enough to read... promise!"
 Sooo there's a rumor goin around that Button Mashers may be making a return. A rumor started by me... the guy who made this series. Is the rumor true? Well, I can't say quite yet, BUT let's just say that perhaps these character descriptions weren't updated for shits and giggles and Nutella :)
"Step 1 - Click. Step 2 - Read....... You're welcome."
Also, please check out this fancy webcomic called SLACKJAW by my pal Greg Benge and
P.J. “Peej” Simmers, a very cool and interactive take on the whole zombie apocalypse concept! You might even find a small, yet undead special guest appearance by yours truly in the latest issue! 

You can click the word bubbles to play audio and animation!

Later Days!

~ Christopher Wade
Founder/Creative Director

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