Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Peter & Company: Update #1


   Well, hello there everybody! It's been a long week for us with some commissions, website updates for the new PCPai blogspot and other assignments so we thought we'd sit down and show off a project we've been tasked to create, an animated pilot for the webcomic Peter Company. Look at that handsome duck! I wonder who his voice would be ;)

    Created by Jonathan Ponikvar, this ongoing comic as been generating quite a bit of buzz and after it's successful KickStarter, we were tasked to begin putting together a pilot to pitch to companies for syndication. As you can see, we're in the pre-production phase, working to streamline character designs so they can be easily animated in Adobe Flash, as seen in our latest lip synch test.

  There's no planned release date yet though. We want to get things just right so we can't announce a definite drop-date at the moment but we will definitely keep all you lovely fans posted on our progress!

~ Christopher Wade
Founder/Creative Director


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