Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Legendary Legends that are Legendary

    So good friend and wonderful artist Alphatechnogoddess drew up some turnarounds for our loveable bastard Needles from Button Mashers, who was quickly a favorite among fans. But would you love him so dearly if you saw his early designs?

 Oh, the days when I would do my drawings in Photoshop while trying my best to skate away from the ol' Sonic styles and hope for the best. *cringe*

As much of a soft-spot I have for the Sonic franchise, the style itself can be pretty awkward (as seen in the greatest internet fandoms of all time, *hycuk-hycuk-hycuk*). But I do like how I was able to get away from it and design the duo to be a little more original looking (while still gracing the "furry" line, though why people still use it as an insult at ANY talking animal is beyond me). 

To be clear, I do love these guys and the road has been bumpy in getting them out the door. While the old drawings may not be the most delightful, they still inhabit a special place in my mind and show how much Ive grown not only as an artist but as a storyteller.
Like I stated awhile back, I do miss AJ and Needles. I've been thinking about their battle-heavy road-trip for quite a bit but I wonder what you the fans have to say about it?

Also, anyone with a PS3/XBox 360 or Wii should be playing THIS. Like, no joke. The art is wonderful, the characters are wonderful, your face is wonderful. Yes. I said this. Ubisoft has my money for awhile now.

Aaaaaannnd here's AJ! Yknow, I hope Im not torturing you all.... LOOK AT THAT HAIR!! AUUGGHHHHHHHHH!!

Christopher Wade
-- Founder/Creative Director

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