Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Peter & Company: Update #1


   Well, hello there everybody! It's been a long week for us with some commissions, website updates for the new PCPai blogspot and other assignments so we thought we'd sit down and show off a project we've been tasked to create, an animated pilot for the webcomic Peter Company. Look at that handsome duck! I wonder who his voice would be ;)

    Created by Jonathan Ponikvar, this ongoing comic as been generating quite a bit of buzz and after it's successful KickStarter, we were tasked to begin putting together a pilot to pitch to companies for syndication. As you can see, we're in the pre-production phase, working to streamline character designs so they can be easily animated in Adobe Flash, as seen in our latest lip synch test.

  There's no planned release date yet though. We want to get things just right so we can't announce a definite drop-date at the moment but we will definitely keep all you lovely fans posted on our progress!

~ Christopher Wade
Founder/Creative Director


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Legendary Legends that are Legendary

    So good friend and wonderful artist Alphatechnogoddess drew up some turnarounds for our loveable bastard Needles from Button Mashers, who was quickly a favorite among fans. But would you love him so dearly if you saw his early designs?

 Oh, the days when I would do my drawings in Photoshop while trying my best to skate away from the ol' Sonic styles and hope for the best. *cringe*

As much of a soft-spot I have for the Sonic franchise, the style itself can be pretty awkward (as seen in the greatest internet fandoms of all time, *hycuk-hycuk-hycuk*). But I do like how I was able to get away from it and design the duo to be a little more original looking (while still gracing the "furry" line, though why people still use it as an insult at ANY talking animal is beyond me). 

To be clear, I do love these guys and the road has been bumpy in getting them out the door. While the old drawings may not be the most delightful, they still inhabit a special place in my mind and show how much Ive grown not only as an artist but as a storyteller.
Like I stated awhile back, I do miss AJ and Needles. I've been thinking about their battle-heavy road-trip for quite a bit but I wonder what you the fans have to say about it?

Also, anyone with a PS3/XBox 360 or Wii should be playing THIS. Like, no joke. The art is wonderful, the characters are wonderful, your face is wonderful. Yes. I said this. Ubisoft has my money for awhile now.

Aaaaaannnd here's AJ! Yknow, I hope Im not torturing you all.... LOOK AT THAT HAIR!! AUUGGHHHHHHHHH!!

Christopher Wade
-- Founder/Creative Director

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Favorite Stuff and Hidden Fluff

    A bit of a small update this week since Tyrone and I have been going full-steam ahead on Elements of Light and PCPai respectively.  But you'll be please to hear the E.O.L is at #65 on the official! Granted there are literally thousands of webcomics on this site so being ranked in the double-digits is a pretty wicked feat. Thank you all for viewing and checking us out! Also, applying the code "September04" to our "Storyboarding Basics and Scritwriting with Celtx" course on will grant the next five subscribers free use of those videos! Better get 'em while you can! If you want more coupons, well YOULL HAVE TO CATCH ME FIRST, WHEEEEEEEEEE!

 Animatics have become a very fun step for me for the past couple of months. Of course, being late on updates isn't among those favorite things. The days of me being full-time Designer and Freelance Animator is very time-consuming. Still, it feels good to come home and apply some "Scratch Tracks" to Adobe Premiere. For those playing the home game, Scratch Tracks are audio tracks that are made to be played through roughly at first, so other musicians or actors have something to work with, and can play to support the other parts.

    Motion Graphic Designer, Elaine Seward helped apply some of her fun, vocal talents to our next set of moving storyboards in the form of scratch track. This way Pai's later actor will know some of what to say and how to say it during her script read; same goes for Pumpk and Cham's actors after their Scratch Tracks have been applied. As for our short film for PCPai, I've been in some chats grabbing some music files to use from some very talented musicians from Australia so laying down and editing music is going by like a breeze.

Ever since I was young, I've always had an affinity for talking animals, poetic imagery and pompous, world-scraping fantasies with silly-looking creatures. From DuckTales to Pokemon. Eek The Cat to Transformers Prime. From Foster's Home to Attack on Titan  (the last episode of which was like, BANANAS) these are just a few of my favorite things.

It'll take time but making cartoons is something that has always felt "right" to me. With Animatics, it feels invigorating to see these things start sprouting to life. In the meantime, please take a look-see at KICK-HEART, a perfect example of poetic imagery in motion.

-- Christopher Wade
Founder/Creative Director

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