Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Project with a Kick!

Hello Friends!

For the past several years (6 actually), I've been in pre-production of my comic book "Elements Of Light" and it's finally taking off! The last leap of faith is always the most treacherous, but I'm hoping with some help, it's will be a minor stepping stone.

"Elements Of Light" is nearing it's final production phase, and is almost ready to print. That's where you come in. I've been running a Kickstarter Campaign as a crowd fund raiser to help the book reach it's goal. What is that goal you may ask? $3,000. It's not the largest number I've seen, but it's still too big for myself.

If all of my friends can pledge $25 (or more if you're feeling generous!), Elements Of Light can be hot off the press. I only have TWO WEEKS LEFT! Becoming a backer gets you some pretty awesome incentives other than good karma though, such as: special artwork, the original script of the comic, your name credited IN THE BOOK, of course the book itself delivered to your doorstep, and many others. I've even included some sample art from the book to show you the awesome quality of work being put into this, plus there's more to see on the actual Kickstarter campaign website. Please follow the link below. I hope you can help me make this dream a reality!

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