Monday, August 19, 2013


     Have you ever had a story idea that's just been kinda sitting there for lack of time, inspiration, or whatever? Tell us your tale!

    I must confess, Im not much of an online gamer. Maybe it's the introvert in me that would rather keep his friends tangible and, dammit, friendly. Online matches can angry up the blood fairly quickly. So having dived into the depths of Dragon's Crown a few weeks ago have left me rather.... uh, torn? It's a fun (albeit, obnoxious) game, one that I hope to mindlessly abuse my time with having first picked the Dwarf. But Ive been itching to try out a match with my friends Jonathan Ponikvar from Peter & Company fame and a few of my other friends as well since they now own copies. 

Speaking of games, the character sheets from Button Mashers have been on my hard drive for a long time now so I thought Id drop them here! Ah, AJ The Raccoon. I do miss AJ and crew being in my head so often. To be honest, AJ & Needles were in my head far longer than the crew from PCPai were and actually had a big, action-packed setup for their adventures. I do like the idea of Button Mashers and how it turned out initially but it really wasn't the concept I originally wrote AJ's story to be. Button Mashers was actually our entry into Mondo Media's pilot series contest about a year or so ago. It obviously wasn't chosen but we were strongly encouraged to continue working with the idea and coming up with others. 

While I only have enough time for.... well, one thing at a time (PCPai, Tutorial-Mode and some EOL marketing here and there), it'd be nice to carry these guys through with the story I originally wanted to ride with. Maybe I'll go back to it one day. A crazy road-trip full of explosive shenanigans still intrigues me to this day.

Also! Last week I posted The Craven-King early designs on our FB page for PCPai! I was very happy with how this thing eventually came out and I can't wait to begin animating him for our short film.

-- Christopher Wade
Founder/Creative Director

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