Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Boarding Up For The Main Event!

     Well it took some time (especially since we missed yesterday's scheduled update) BUT here we have a sample of some storyboards for the Pumpk & Cham and Pai short movie! In contrast to the last few installments, this version's boards have been revisited and agonized many times over. Pai will of course finally be making her animated appearance and the Craven-King will return as well. This version will have no time-skips or gaps awaiting continuation. Only one vibrant and explosive, high-flying adventure! Only a few hundred storyboards to go! You can find MORE storyboards at our PCPai Facebook page!

Man, Google Blog has the WEIRDEST formatting. I just spent the last half-hour trying to adjust these pics so they wouldn't be solely centered (a graphic design no-no). For the time being, it'll have to do.

Monday, August 19, 2013


     Have you ever had a story idea that's just been kinda sitting there for lack of time, inspiration, or whatever? Tell us your tale!

    I must confess, Im not much of an online gamer. Maybe it's the introvert in me that would rather keep his friends tangible and, dammit, friendly. Online matches can angry up the blood fairly quickly. So having dived into the depths of Dragon's Crown a few weeks ago have left me rather.... uh, torn? It's a fun (albeit, obnoxious) game, one that I hope to mindlessly abuse my time with having first picked the Dwarf. But Ive been itching to try out a match with my friends Jonathan Ponikvar from Peter & Company fame and a few of my other friends as well since they now own copies. 

Speaking of games, the character sheets from Button Mashers have been on my hard drive for a long time now so I thought Id drop them here! Ah, AJ The Raccoon. I do miss AJ and crew being in my head so often. To be honest, AJ & Needles were in my head far longer than the crew from PCPai were and actually had a big, action-packed setup for their adventures. I do like the idea of Button Mashers and how it turned out initially but it really wasn't the concept I originally wrote AJ's story to be. Button Mashers was actually our entry into Mondo Media's pilot series contest about a year or so ago. It obviously wasn't chosen but we were strongly encouraged to continue working with the idea and coming up with others. 

While I only have enough time for.... well, one thing at a time (PCPai, Tutorial-Mode and some EOL marketing here and there), it'd be nice to carry these guys through with the story I originally wanted to ride with. Maybe I'll go back to it one day. A crazy road-trip full of explosive shenanigans still intrigues me to this day.

Also! Last week I posted The Craven-King early designs on our FB page for PCPai! I was very happy with how this thing eventually came out and I can't wait to begin animating him for our short film.

-- Christopher Wade
Founder/Creative Director

Monday, August 12, 2013

We're Good For Your Brain!

   New update today! First up, sorry we missed last week's update. I got hit hard with work at CACI, (my day-time gig) while Tyrone was busy getting things set for the live release of the EOL website page, WHICH YOU CAN FIND HEEERRREE!

"What's that", you ask? "That", you say? "Look at that up there", you exclaim? Well, that thing above is a link to CartoonSmart.com, a superb tutorial site for all you aspiring animators out there! Our Screenwriting tutorial just went live there today and the host, Justin Dike is quite excited about it! So, while Ty and I continue on with PCPai and EOL, perhaps you should take a look if you want to brush up on your cartooning skills! Oh, it's still on Udemy.com too!

Also, I would like to personally thank everyone who has shown their enthusiasm by contributing to our KickStarter. We've got 3 days left until it ends and while we certainly would appreciate a certain boost in backers, I believe now is the time to say thank you to whoever shared the link, inquired or donated to our webcomic cause. That isn't to say that we will not try again; I wager we certainly will! But for now, kudos to all of you who stood by us, even when the odds were against us! We've got a long way to go but this was a great way to meet a wealth of new fans and to get one of our big ideas out of our brains and into your eyeballs...... that sounded a lot more poetic in my mind.

I'll be back later this week with an update to PCPai as well!

-- Christopher Wade
Founder/Creative Director

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Project with a Kick!

Hello Friends!

For the past several years (6 actually), I've been in pre-production of my comic book "Elements Of Light" and it's finally taking off! The last leap of faith is always the most treacherous, but I'm hoping with some help, it's will be a minor stepping stone.

"Elements Of Light" is nearing it's final production phase, and is almost ready to print. That's where you come in. I've been running a Kickstarter Campaign as a crowd fund raiser to help the book reach it's goal. What is that goal you may ask? $3,000. It's not the largest number I've seen, but it's still too big for myself.

If all of my friends can pledge $25 (or more if you're feeling generous!), Elements Of Light can be hot off the press. I only have TWO WEEKS LEFT! Becoming a backer gets you some pretty awesome incentives other than good karma though, such as: special artwork, the original script of the comic, your name credited IN THE BOOK, of course the book itself delivered to your doorstep, and many others. I've even included some sample art from the book to show you the awesome quality of work being put into this, plus there's more to see on the actual Kickstarter campaign website. Please follow the link below. I hope you can help me make this dream a reality!


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