Monday, July 29, 2013

The More You Know!

    For today's update, we're spreading the word on our new ongoing tutorial series featuring yours truly! There's a TON of new things in film and cartoons every day so it can be tough to figure it all out in a short 24 hours. So I decided to create a series of video tutorials that range from storytelling basics to animation and film production! Also, I like hearing myself talk, go figure! The first tutorial is for those of you who are getting your feet wet with storytelling and would like to apply these new newfound powers into a scriptwriting program. The popular standard is Final Draft but I personally use Celtx becuase of it's ease of use (and it's free)!

Also, just about all of these tutorials will have some sort of free version to check out for a limited time, like this one here! And if you'd like to purchase the full version of these tutorials, check out my profile at! Our partnership with is still going as well so keep an eye out for an update there too! 


 Happy Learning, ladies and gents! See you at the movies!

-- Christopher Wade
Founder, Creative Director 

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