Monday, July 15, 2013

The last piece of the Pai!

            Finally, after MUCH designing and refining we present to you the much-anticipated, last member of our star trio, Pai Hex-Haggle!  

            It's taken quite awhile to really balance out Pai's personality visually. She's a very adventurous and geeky girl, almost equaling Cham in clumsiness... almost. But as an amateur witch, Pai carries a very large burden on her shoulders and will face choosing between the uncertainty of new friends, scarecrows Pumpk & Cham or the popular but destructive beliefs of her own people. However, taking time to decide won't stop her from getting to know a certain little scarecrow with ridiculous sleeves.

         We went through a great deal of designs and artists for Pai, beginning at 
talented Shannon L. Henderson among a few and finally settling on a balance between designs from good friend, Alphatechnogoddess (establishing the more serious expressions and poses) and faved artist Vaporotem (drawing out Pai's silly and haphazard-y nature). 
Also, Pai was voiced originally by the energetic and talented Michelle Allegra Murad and we hope that she'll be reprising her role once the budget finalizes for the PCPai Short Movie.

         As we reveal details of the PCPai Short Movie, we will toss out more character designs both old and new to get all of you awesome people acquainted with how these characters have grown. We also have a new Facebook page for our new comic, 
Elements of Light which you should, like, totally check out if you're into Anime (and KickStarters!!) and all that jazz.

Thank you all for being so patient with us so far. We've more to come so please stick around!

-- Christopher Wade 

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