Monday, July 1, 2013

Let's Try This Again, Shall We?

      Well it sure has been quite some time since we've seen... well, anything hasn't it? I myself have been a bit hard at work creating tutorials that will soon be on sale at and our good friends at I've also been helping Jonathan Ponikvar lead the charge in updating Peter & Company's pilot episode. However, it's just not cool for me not to update on a regular basis. NAY I SAY!
     Which is why I put this model sheet together, thanks to the combined efforts of the mighty Peter Heydt and the ever-so-talented Vaportem! Behold, ladies & gents, a revamped PUMPK 'ERE NICKELE, a theatrical, bumbling but valiant ham who acts as more like a stage-performer than a proper scarecrow, specializing in an assortment of flash-bombs to ward off all manner of crows and fiends!

    So, what does this new model sheet mean? Well you're gonna have to wai-NO! NO DAMMIT. Not this time. You all deserve to know this at least.

    After a long hiatus, I've put our flagship property, Pumpk & Cham and Pai back into production after being retooled several months ago to incorporate feedback from some animation professionals (including Joe Murray himself). With the changes we've made to the designs and storyline, PCPai will now return in one rebooted standalone episode, premiering first as a short film! 

    Why not continue on with what we have thus far on YouTube, you ask? To be honest, while the feedback from fans on PCPai has been stellar, as I began obtaining feedback from professionals in the animation industry, I realized that PCPai, as well as the rest of our products require improvements. There were aspects to the characters' world and storyline I also felt needed to be fleshed out more and my current schedule at the time could not handle another load of fixes as I discovered I needed to rewrite the story once more, hence the serious downtime. 

   Our staff of freelancing artists has worked very hard on our ideas as well and will continue to do so. I thank them all for their help, past and present. Tyrone and I have been hard at work getting these franchises prepared for you all, as well as some new additions to the roster. So my goal now is to update you all every Monday with some progress, no matter how big or how small. It won't be easy but you all have been so kind and awesome, how can I not? That said, thanks for sticking around, we'll have more for you soon! 

See you all next Monday!

-- Christopher Wade

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