Monday, July 8, 2013

Cham-Chaminy, Cham-Chaminy, Cham Cham, Charee!


       "A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be!" Gotta love the classics! Another big shout-out to one of my favorite artists, Vaporotem for putting together a few of these awesome expressions from everyone's favorite smart-mouthed scarecrow. 

        I'm just going to gush for a second and say that Cham has to be one of the most fun characters to write and animate. I know it's a bit conceded to just go on a happy rant about one's own characters, but you know what? I also created Pumpk and while he's also very fun to write, he has been a pain in the ass to animate up until recently. I've always found a happy medium with this kid's smart-mouth, adorable design and clumsy demeanor. 

        When I created these two, I felt inspired by the old Hannah-Barbera duo setup such as Quick-Draw & Baba-Looey. And as I got to know Pumpk & Cham, I built a little family dynamic between them. As I finish polishing the shot list for the PCPai short film, the reboot of Pumpk & Cham and Pai, My hope is that their evolution from that original inspiration will become apparent onscreen while still playing an entertaining homage to those classics.

      As we continue delivering you guys updates of our productions, I'd like to tell you a story (bends down real close to your face....... and just breathes). O_____O

      A long time ago, Tyrone and I challenged one another to create different versions of an enchanted, homeless guy as a character. Yes, seriously, a magic hobo competition! Not long afterward, I came up with a couple designs of two vagabond travelers looking for work wherever they could find it and scarecrows seemed the most fitting; their home is always outside and their line of work forces them to scavenge about as much as the crows they're tasked with scaring. 

     Among the new changes to the series, you'll also notice that Cham is classified as "Lorefolk" rather than the more generic term monster from the first PCPai installments. 

     Okay, writer's mumbo-jumbo aside, if you'd like to check out Tyrone's work in creating an anime-inspired story, Elements of Light is the project for you!

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