Thursday, January 21, 2010

We Want You!

Some designs a few of our designers came up. Malcolm Royceberg whipped these up fairly quickly at the drop of the ... hat.... (dies from bad joke) but alot of us from Spark-Flow put in our input and made homages to some fairly obvious/not-so-obvious influences.

I personally am in LOVE with the blue one on the left... We had an idea that some monsters-I MEAN CHARACTERS- could be defined/recognized by the hat they'd be wearing... but this little exercise alone gave us some ideas for CHARACTERS we will develop. Sleepy dreamtime hat? Sleepy-Dreamtime character? Decomposing Phantom Hat? Decomposing Phantom Character. And so on and so forth.

But heres where it gets juicy... we had a list of names to go by... but decided we wanted our fans in on the action! So here you go!


On our Facebook or our Blog (make sure you follow us here too!) give us a list of names for each of the hats above through comment (max five per person) and you, yes YOU, our loyal fan, could become a character in our upcoming series pilot, Pumpk & Cham and Pai! Simple yes? The contest is open for 2 weeks, (Jan 21-Feb 3 2010). So get started! The poster with the best five names will be designed as a character in our first episode! It's all because we love you.

So be creative, be exquisite, be whimsical and funny! No vulgar stuff though, we're making a kids show for cryin' out loud.

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