Monday, February 15, 2010

Time Flies

Our apologies for being so late with our updates. We've been VEERRY busy getting Pumpk & Cham and Pai going. We now have a website ( that displays our very first comic page (which soon house many more). And that actionscript in that comic?? Yeah, all for you. We love you. Dont ever say no one does or has or ever will. Now give us food... please? Fine. Take these promo arts as a bribe-er-GIFT! The idea behind the comic is to have a little fun on the side, practicing some story ideas that might not make it into our final animation. But we've also discovered that the ActionScript, while time-consuming to implement (so much so that not every page will have the animation) but... a number of you
REALLY take to the idea. So there will be more, yes more.

While the story will be different in the comic than our main focal animation, all you need to remember is one thing: Pumpk & Cham and Pai is about two vagabonds that meet up with a curious witch and they journey the world to become the scariest monsters that ever lived...

On another note, another animator joined our ranks a week or so ago and we're currently auditioning for voice actors! We're really flyin now!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We Want You!

Some designs a few of our designers came up. Malcolm Royceberg whipped these up fairly quickly at the drop of the ... hat.... (dies from bad joke) but alot of us from Spark-Flow put in our input and made homages to some fairly obvious/not-so-obvious influences.

I personally am in LOVE with the blue one on the left... We had an idea that some monsters-I MEAN CHARACTERS- could be defined/recognized by the hat they'd be wearing... but this little exercise alone gave us some ideas for CHARACTERS we will develop. Sleepy dreamtime hat? Sleepy-Dreamtime character? Decomposing Phantom Hat? Decomposing Phantom Character. And so on and so forth.

But heres where it gets juicy... we had a list of names to go by... but decided we wanted our fans in on the action! So here you go!


On our Facebook or our Blog (make sure you follow us here too!) give us a list of names for each of the hats above through comment (max five per person) and you, yes YOU, our loyal fan, could become a character in our upcoming series pilot, Pumpk & Cham and Pai! Simple yes? The contest is open for 2 weeks, (Jan 21-Feb 3 2010). So get started! The poster with the best five names will be designed as a character in our first episode! It's all because we love you.

So be creative, be exquisite, be whimsical and funny! No vulgar stuff though, we're making a kids show for cryin' out loud.

Friday, January 1, 2010

It is the year 2010 and my Autobots are STILL in disguise...

Hap-Hap-Happy New Year Spark-Flow fans. Yes, yes, we know alot of people have been wondering why 2009 had to suck so badly. There was swine flu, celebrity deaths galore... there was even a Dragonball Z movie (THE HORROR!!).

But we at Spark-Flow Studios are determined to give you, the viewer something awesome and happy filled to look forward to this year! That is why we present to you and the interwebs...


We've been receiving ALOT of attention for this idea. In the coming weeks, you'll be seeing character bios and works-in-progress, even some pencil sketches of what we have available.

Through the PILOT we are currently hard at work developing, we aim to not only create an engaging television series but also as a means to help those who cannot help themselves. How? You'll see soon. We're not simply trying to make cartoons; we're geared to using them as a medium to inspire people with and do some good in their everyday lives... plus we believe our stuff will just rock. But you, our fans will be the judge of that.

If you are a comic fan, check out Gluten Free as run by Ben Hatton and old roomie James Rambo. Funny stuff over there, we promise.

In such, we wish you ALL, watching or not, a blessed 2010!

tentative music: All Spark by Steve Jablonsky, copyright Paramount

Of course, all artwork, animations, characters, concepts are copyrighted by Spark-Flow Studios, LLC unless stated otherwise.

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