Friday, December 25, 2009

What day is it??

Why, it's Christmas day!! We hope all of you who are watching (and dag-gummit, NOT-watching) our blog to have a marvelous Holiday season, be-it Christmas, Hanukah or Hammer-Time!

Today, we introduce a sneak peak at some other characters of our project here at Spark-Flow! They are nameless for now and well, they might not even be up for very long. You might be seeing alot more of them. For now though, you'll of course have to suffer the burn-mark. Even with copyright in play, there are thieves about the interwebs. We'd like to thank Rachel Fogg, a very powerful illustrator and character designer for getting this artwork together for some of our company's... sinister-I MEAN... seasonal... uh... purposes. *shifty eyes*

Be on the watch-out for some actual animation soon, as well as what the heck this thing is called!

Of course, all artwork, animations, characters, concepts are copyrighted by Spark-Flow Studios, LLC.

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