Friday, December 18, 2009

Boarding Stories and Thieves

Pat Leonhard is hard at work, doing some kind of manual man labor on the storyboards. Among what we have, we'll let you taste these early works in progression. The three shots composed are parts of our starting scene, of which you'll be seeing alot more of as the weeks go by. But don't worry, there's color... and movement.. and all that sparkly stuff that comes with a finished animation. Be patient.

If you haven't noticed, (one of) our star character(s) is a itty-bitty, clumsy scarecrow who will remain nameless for now because we like keeping you in the dark... and the internet is full of thieves... and because names are tools used by the government to categorize you and rob you of your sweet, sweet fingernails... but mostly the keeping in the dark and thievery thing. Thank God for copyright, eh? Also, the crows will be a bit of a problem, as they usually are in real-time life.

Speaking of thieves, Shelly Webster, an old (and talented) colleague of mine, reminded me of a film called the Thief and the Cobbler, animated by Richard Williams and Ken Harris of Roger Rabbit (thanks Shelly), saying our scarecrow's eyes are reminiscent of a character from the film! I recommend to all you animators out there to reacquaint yourselves with the film as soon as possible. The animation (at least the completed parts) are SO silky and SO smooth, something missing in today's animation. Writing-wise, well... it's clear why Disney's Aladdin trumped the film. However, it's still a stunning piece of masterful artistry. Anyone would do well to take notes on how fluid and realistic some of the character movements are.

We at Spark-Flow Studios will be trying our damnedest to achieve the liveliest quality of animation so be not shaken if we (violently but hopefully not so violently) recommend a certain film to you all. Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration people! We're expecting snow here in Maryland soooo.... button up, shovel off, and eat plenty of Charleston Chew!

Of course, all artwork, animations, characters, concepts are copyrighted by Spark-Flow Studios, LLC.

The Thief and The Cobbler is owned by ... uhh... well, maybe the Walt Disney Company currently... maybe Vincent Price? The film went through one of the worst instances of development hell... Whatever, it doesn't belong to Spark-Flow...

-- Christopher Wade
Principal Owner
Head Animator

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