Thursday, December 3, 2009

Teaser 1

Stay Tuned...

Welcome, o ye interweb traveler, to the blog of Spark-Flow Studios, LLC, the new up and coming animation studio of Maryland with primary focus on 2D animation!

Here you'll find previews, artwork and even precious info on cartoons we have in production! Keep an eye on us; I believe you'll thoroughly enjoy what we'll soon be dishing out! Of course, all artwork, animations, characters, concepts are copyrighted by Spark-Flow Studios, LLC.

I almost get the feeling that a bunch of crows are having some crazy-ass knife-fight offscreen or that red chud from Crisis Core is doing/saying something highly suspect...

More to come on this character and others, as well as this project in the future! The teaser above runs on Adobe Flash Player which you can acquire here.

-- Christopher Wade
Principal Owner/Head Animator

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  1. So, you don't post an email address. I'll just ask here. Is there any way i'd be able to work with you?

    -Marcus R. Gregory


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